Let The Experts Handle Your Jewelry Casting

Let The Experts Handle Your Jewelry Casting

Bring your jewelry designs to life with help from jewelry casting services offered by Casting House. Whether you want a single customized piece for a client or are interested in mass producing a new design for your jewelry store, our jewelry casting experts will produce a stunning finished product.

Using the Jewelry Casting Process to Create Beautiful Jewelry

Jewelry casting allows designers and jewelry stores to create beautiful jewelry. When using the jewelry casting process, the designers and jewelry stores will submit a design. The design, which can be completely new or from a pre-existing item, is used to make a mold. This will eventually be used to create a physical reproduction of the desired piece.

The jewelry casting process involves the following steps:

Wax model and casting preparation. Wax models are carved or printed to represent what the finished pieces will look like, and they are attached to a wax stem by sprues that will form the channels through which the molten metal will flow.

Investment. The wax models and stem are placed in a flask and surrounded by an investment material that will harden into the mold.

Burnout. Once the investment material sets, the flash is placed into a kiln to burn away the wax. When all of the wax is burned away, it leaves a cavity in the investment material that becomes the final mold.

Melting. The metal is melted at very high temperatures, and the temperature depends on the alloy being used.

Casting. Although liquid metal can be simply poured into a mold, different techniques provide higher-quality castings by controlling the flow of metal into the mold. Centrifugal casting, vacuum-assisted casting or pressure casting can be used to ensure the liquid metal is spread evenly throughout the entire mold. Casting House utilizes all three of these methods as well as torch casting, which utilizes a torch to melt a very small amount of metal that is poured into a mold.

Divesting. Once the metal cools, the casting is removed from the investment either by physical or chemical means. The sprue on each piece is cut off and the ring castings are cleaned up to remove any imperfections.

Leave Jewelry Casting to Us

To properly create a finished product with jewelry casting, you must not only have access to the necessary tools and equipment, but you must possess an understanding of everything from precious metal melting points to proper handling procedures. Gaining the experience and knowledge needed to properly engage in the jewelry casting process could take years, which is why people rely on the services offered by jewelry casting companies — like Casting House.

Casting House has access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology to create high-quality reproductions straight from the created mold. Casting House’s ability to access this type of equipment lets us guarantee that clients that use our jewelry casting services will receive high-quality, detailed finished products.

In addition to having access to specialized casting equipment, Casting House is one of the top casting manufacturers because of our casting experts’ unmatched proficiency. Our casting experts have decades of combined experience working in the jewelry casting industry. Partnering with such experienced individuals gives our clients peace of mind, as they know they will be working with professionals who understand how to properly handle precious metals and what needs to be done to create gorgeous jewelry pieces.

Other reasons why clients choose to work with Casting House include:

Ability to choose from more than 40 precious metals that include variations of palladium, platinum, gold, white gold and silver
All designs are kept confidential
Quality assurance process is in place to help clients get the final piece they desire
Customized casting services available, which include final magnetic tumbling, casting preparation, creation of ring castings, clip and ship services, and laser review
Ability to handle bulk orders
Let our jewelry casting experts make your jewelry. Contact us today to learn about how our jewelry casting services can help expand your business.

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